Friday, February 6, 2009

WooHoo Sucess

My e-mail to HandyHands went through and as usual Barbara Foster and Staff have gone out of their way. They are attempting to get this book and I will post if they are successful.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Want It

How can I get this book? I was surfing the net using japanese characters for tatting. (Thanks alot Trayna, LOL) and this book came up. I WANT IT! (sorry for yelling) All I can see is the publishers name. I tried to send this picture to Handy Hands but the email wouldn't go through. Boo Hoo Hoo
P.S. if you search for international web sites and don't speak the language try an image search instead.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Do you recognize this?

I'd love to know who made this print. Wouldn't it look great on a tote or t-shirt or card. I meant to write to the auctioneer on ebay and didn't remember to in time.
If this is yours or you know who did it please contact me.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Finian's Coming!!!

Lest anyone forget that I have received the magnificent gift of my very own Leprechaun, who is precious to me for many reasons, I wanted to remind everyone that Master Finian (YES,of the rainbow fame) will soon be making an appearance on this and the Lep's very own blog. My apologies to you all for the long delay but many things, happy and sad, have kept me from showing him off. I will tell you however that he is busy getting together some gifts as he comes across appropriate items for his fellow colonists.

Motif 3 (25 motif challenge)

This is the third exchange I participated in and it was Tatting Goddess's SS exchange. What fun. My exchange partner was Heidi H.
This design is from Tatting For Today motif #19. The thread is Ricky Tim's Razzle Dazzle and I added pale blue clear seed beads to the picots on the outer edge.
Except for the thread being a little thick, I liked how it turned out.
If you would like to purchase some of this thread that comes in many colors, may I suggest Deb of this site She is a fellow tatter and wonderful person and she carries 25 colors of this thread.

For Your Consideration

I will be posting some things under this heading, that I find while surfing the net or hanging out in bead,yarn,craft,or hardware stores, that I think others may find interesting. The inclusion of these items don't necessarily mean I've tried or endorse them. It just means I've noticed the item and felt they might be useful in the pursuit of our tatting craft.
The first item is called New Metallics thread. It is beautiful,comes in many colors, is strong and 2 ply. It is available in 100 meter spools and 25 yard cards. I found mine at a bead show and I have tatted a few knots with it. The thread seems suitable for tatting and is made for beading and reviews of it state that the thread can be used for lacemaking,tatting,crochet,knitting and beading.
Here is a link to a provider.
Again I haven't used this provider and only post it here for the curious. If you have tatted any of Nina L.'s jewelry and would like to tat with colors of metallic thread without splitting the dmc metallic floss skeins, this thread will accommodate size 15 delicas through it twice.
The second item for your consideration is this spiral eye needle.
A what? you say. Well if you sew your ends in a la Jennifer Williams' illustration on Jane E.'s site, you need to have a needle that will accommodate a large thread without having a large eye. How do you get large thread to pass through a slender eye you say?
Well without divine intervention you don't. You use a french or calyx needle otherwise known as a self threading needle. Pam Turner the inventor of the spiral eye needle has a web site here and she just may have built a better mouse trap. The author of this site has reviewed them for us
I plan to get me some. Oh Yes,I forgot to mention, these needles do not have a nickel coating so if you have metal allergies this may be something that interests you.