Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The color purple

Many of the tatters online seem to favor purple.

This edging was tatted and sewn on an organza bag for an exchange,and yes, those are M&M's
in the bag.

Have you tried the new limited edition coconut m&m's. Deeeeeeeelicious.

I'll post where the pattern was from as soon as I feel like standing up and looking for it.


  1. Cocoanut M&ms???!!?!?!?!!!

    What the heck am I doing sitting her eating chocolate chips! I gotta find me some of those,,

  2. mmmmm M&M's ~ luv em! I miss you girl! Thank you for the personal e-mail. Things are getting nearer 'normal' What ever normal may be!
    I've tatted DanTatter's 1st design motif from Design-Tat class. Need to upload photos ~ as soon as I sync the new Mac to the new Printer.
    DH's physical therapist has only 1 more visit; but, DH is doing his rehab work on his own faithfully. That is a good sign, I think. He is stronger but lacks endurance at this point.
    I'm doing well ~ I lost a few pounds in Sept. (prob. due to being more active on the trip to Tucson Heart Hospital). Loyal went from 215 to 194 in a month! But his appetite is coming back.
    That is a very pretty purple edging. love, Bev