Saturday, March 21, 2009

I got it!

Both HandyHands and Lacis have the new japanese tatting book. It's title (now that I have it and can see it properly) Is Tatting & Beads Graceful Jewelry. It is chock full of necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and a strap(cell phone or scissors striver type thingy) The thing I didn't expect, that is a great concept, is that the tatting motif is used mostly as a bead. Add the motif bead to other beads and you get very pretty and delicate jewelry.
I would recommend this book. There are more than 30 designs in this book. Plenty of diagrams. NO English. (well very little english)

Monday, March 16, 2009

What I received in the Tea Towel Exchange.

I didn't open my package until I was sure my partner had received her's. I didn't think that was fair. I still don't know who sent me mine because the note was signed D.N. and no one on the exchange list that was posted has those initials. Whomever it was it is lovely and I like it very much and the chocolates are wonderful too.

Thank you D.N. whoever you are. Here's a picture.

MOTIF 4 & 5

I'd like this edging (attached upside down so it would look like hearts) and heart to count as motifs 4 and 5.
The edging is from an old Workbasket and the heart is Betsey Evans (with a join in the wrong place.)

More Valentine exchange pictures. From me to Jeanne H.

Tardy Valentines Post

Wait until you see how long it takes me to post for ST.Patty's day.

This is a bead I included in my very late Valentines exchange to Jeanne H.

I fell in love with this heart shaped chicken.