Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My second exchange was for HBT's Christmas in July 08

My recipient was to be Karey Solomon. Her tatting is innovative and she is a veteran tatter along with her finesse with other fiber arts. (As soon as I find my way around this blog and I receive permission from the persons involved I will add links to blogs and websites as appropriate.)

I "knew" Karey from the Web and finally met her at Palmetto's Tat Days in 2007. At last years Hector gathering I noted dragons seemed to be a favorite theme for Karey and everyone knows her favorite color to be purple. I googled the words fabric and dragon and searched images. This fabric by Henry Alexander called "Tatsu" (Yes Really, it is Japanese for dragon) seemed fated to be the One. I had a pattern for this bag, called a humbug bag, in my stash.So I sewed it up and outline quilted the dragon. I then went shopping for a thread to tat the trim and fringe. Amazingly, Yarnplayer's SummerTrail was an exact match for this fabric. I added beads, blocked the tatting and sewed in the ends. A bit of an improvement over my first exchange.

Many other little trinkets went into the package and I felt good upon receiving Karey's enthusiastic praise of her secret santa parcel.


  1. Oh, look at that pretty tatted edging on the bottom of that bag! Lovely photo, too! It looks professional.

  2. The bag looks great. What a thoughtful gift. Have fun with the blogging.

  3. The bag and that tatting look great...your one very cleber and thoughtful peron Bravo!!!!!

  4. oooh I LOVE that fabric!! Nice bag!!