Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not an exchange piece but I wanted to post this in contrast to the butterfly that I tatted last April. I have learned how to tell what side of the piece I'm on. (I leave breadcrumbs) I have learned how to sew in ends. I have learned how to tat over tails. Thank You Jane E. for that lesson and hands on demo. I have learned how to block and properly starch a piece. Thank You Bonnie G. of Palmetto Tatters Guild for that learning experience. I still however have not learned the cure for inattention and followers of Mary Konior will recognize this as Small Cross and will note the incorrect stitch count and extra picot in the center chains.

Fans of Pamela of Tatsakoolchallenge will recognize this beautiful HDT as Rainbow Brite and I was so excited to discover this thread. I used it to tat the cross because it was a gift for my Significant Other's children's Mother. She is a lover of all things rainbow and is active in her church. I knew she would appreciate the work I put into this. She did love it and Pamela's thread made it a joy to tat.


  1. That is a lovely pattern for a bookmark! That was so sweet of you to gift it! :)

  2. Connie,
    Nice job with your bookmark! Keep up the good work!!


  3. What a great cross!! I love Mary Konior's patterns. And I'm totally hooked on Pamela's thread. Great job - I wish I had somebody local to teach me blocking and starching, that is one piece of the puzzle I have not tackled yet.

  4. Well, actually Connie, while I do recognize the pattern, I don't keep track of how many picots are in each segment and I think it is stunning! You just made it "your own" is all.

    Welcome to Blogland!!! I'm so happy to see you here!

  5. Hi, Connie! I sure do recognize that cross and a lovely job you did!

    Those little things like extra picots become "design elements" - you know, your personal interpretation of the original pattern. The recipient has no idea what the original pattern looked like - she will see it for the festive and beautiful cross you made. Thanks for sharing the eye candy!

    Erin in Tenn.

  6. If you do it once, it's a mistake. If you do it every repeat, then it's a variation on the pattern.

  7. This is a gorgeous tatted criss...the rainbow thread is beautiful ...keep them coming I enjoy looking at your blog

  8. Connie, What a lovely cross!
    And the name of your new blog is just too delicious!!! You are my newest bookmark.
    Greetings from the Carolinas,

  9. The cross looks absolutely beautiful. Thanks you so much for your kind words.