Sunday, April 25, 2010

Goodness,four months is a long time

Well, at this rate I'll only post four times a year. Not nearly enough to keep anyone following. So if you are still out there waiting to hear from me, bless your little heart and thank you. I suppose I should post chronologically to keep up but that would make sense and I try never to do that. Please bear with me as I jump around to get you caught up with my tatting life (as if I actually had one).
Here's Finian at Hector to get us started


  1. Hi Finian, I hear that you had a great time and learned a lot, say hi to your mom from us all at Lep HQ.

  2. Donnacha says "Hi" as does Feargal and Ms Scarlett (they watch over my shoulder when I'm on MACBOOK and tatting. They have been good company. Feargal wants to meet Lance Armstrong as he is in Silver for the Great Gila Race ~ but I think all he will see ~ is the flash as LA passes by!
    xxxx bj