Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wealthier than I you can never be!

Because I have friends who tat for me.
Oh alright you can be as wealthy.
I suppose we all have friends who have tatted for us, I am currently sharing photo's of my wealth.
Please enjoy.
Finian is gloating over this treasure received from Marie S. of Palmetto Tatters.  This is an amazing and well loved piece.
I think he stores all his gold in it.
A Tea Wallet and tatting from Tatting Goddess. Of course the design is from Martha Ess. I only wish you could see these works in person. Tatted by Fairies and Leprechauns they must be, the work is so fine.
This tatter's work needs no introduction, Tatskool! Of course!
More treasures from VicTats. Talented Lass don't you agree?


  1. I like the colors in Finian's shuttle bag too!

  2. Oh my....I'd forgotten! Does anyone else do that? It really is fun to be re-introduced to something I made. Thank you Connie!

  3. It's great to have tatting from friends. I can see the pride in Finian's eyes, bless him!