Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hand-dyed (W)hoarder?

Who asked "Show us your stash"?
Finian Lord of the Threads, with Shuttle Trend Lab products.
Karey Solomon's beautiful colorways
Ok,Ok,you caught me, the rest of it. These are from Lady Shuttlemaker and Yarnplayer. Oops, there are also 2 of TatsKools yummy flavors in there too!
Yes, I shop more than I tat. 


  1. Guard it well. Who knows what thread thieves lurk in the cupboards....
    Fox Who Sees In The Dark... : ))

  2. Looking at HDT stash is like looking at a lush floral garden -- so many beautiful colors are a feast for the eyes.

    And for you, a feast for the fingers and mind (with shuttles or needles, of course).

    Ciarrán waves to his lep bro', Finian!

  3. oh no! I think you are indeed a hoarder of HDT. You are indeed a very effective shopper.

  4. Why are we all hoarders? Are we afraid that there will be a famine! Nice to see Finian.