Sunday, April 25, 2010

   Speaking of Hector, there were many wonderful course offerings, all centered around angels.
I met new people and saw people I had met before and am richer for it.
   I have in recent years begun a recent tradition of having a strange malady befall me while away on holiday.
This tat day was no exception and a mysterious attack of right arm pain began the day I left for New York and to this day persists. I am grateful that it is diminishing daily so there is no need for concern.
  Another curious tradition is that while I'm taking a class I make so many simple-minded mistakes I rarely come home with tangible evidence of having taken any classes. This is why I make so many purchases at the vendors table, I need proof that I actually attended. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
   I did come home with the Russian Ankar's book and Ginny Weather's new book (signed:), more hand dyed thread and various other sundries.  Victat's was there and brought me some goodies I won on her site in a drawing (pictures will follow).   I enjoyed seeing Karey and Sherry and many others, if you get the chance to attend a future Hector tat days DO !

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  1. Thank you for posting. Miss you. Glad you and Finian had a great time at Hector.